The art of good food

Join the community of millions of monbento® bento boxes users and choose to :

  • Eat better
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French Design at the heart of our DNA

Functionality, ease of use, estheticism: the user is the center of our concerns. This approach has led our French Design to win several international awards. 

Quality comes first!

For our products to be part of your life for as long as possible, we’ve paid special attention to the choice of materials to guarantee lightness, resistance and safety! Using reusable products becomes easy and pleasant!

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Proud to be a French brand!

In the course of our international development, we have decided to keep our headquarters in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. That’s why we chose French and local manufacturing for our best-selling bento box, the MB Original!

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Developed by Peugeot

Gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit since its origins, Peugeot constantly enriches its expertise to create objects and experiences in sync with their time. By reinventing the concept of on-the-go meals, monbento, developed by Peugeot, promotes "the art of good food" with all its ingenuity, elegance and sense of innovation.

monbento, developed by Peugeot

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Looking for a personalized lunch box?

Create your own bento box: select the colors and pieces to reflect your personality!

Assembling colors, appending a logo, a graphism or creating a brand new color? More options are now available to professionals!

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The monbento® adventure
The Origins

Following a trip to Australia, Fabien, designer, came up with an innovative food service project, that led him to the bento box. Emilie, physiotherapist, soon adopted the small box, which became an indispensable item in her day-to-day life. Although perfectly suited to the Western lifestyle, bento boxes were still hard to find in Europe. Acting on this observation and their desire to launch a business, Fabien and Emilie went into partnership to create the monbento® company in 2009.

From 2010
A collection designed by monbento

The first-born product created by monbento, the MB Original, now Made in France, was launched in 2010. A few years later, the insulated and kids ranges were added to the collection.

Thanks to monbento’s French Design imprint, the MB Original and MB Tresor bento boxes were soon awarded international prizes, including the Reddot Design Award and the IF Design Award.

Since 2013
An ongoing growth

Launching one new product after another, monbento very soon experienced a strong exponential growth. In 2013, the company opened its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and New York and later in Shanghai, which exceeded 130% growth just 3 years later!

In 2018, monbento proudly welcomed the Peugeot Family Group as a shareholder!